BCRecommender Spotlights explore Bandcamp tag clusters, showcasing popular artists and fans that are worth following.

Spotlight on electronic-psytrance

This spotlight focuses on a cluster led by the electronic tag, followed by psytrance, psychedelic, old school and glam. According to Wikipedia, psytrance (or psychedelic trance) is an electronic music genre that offers varied style, tempo and mood. Together with Goa trance, it has become mainstream in the 1990s. This genre is characterized by synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies created by high-tempo riffs.

electronic-psytrance tag cloud

Around 29% of music on Bandcamp has the electronic tag, but only 4% of this music is tagged with psytrance as well. This is probably due to the word wide variety of electronic styles on Bandcamp, which will be covered in other clusters.

Fans that collect music from this cluster include carlw, kkk14, and konsta. Here are Bandcamp albums that are associated with this cluster: