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Spotlight on psychedelic-progressive rock

This spotlight focuses on a cluster led by the psychedelic tag, followed by rock, progressive, progressive rock and psychedelic rock. According to Wikipedia, psychedelic music (or psychedelia) attempts to replicate the experiences of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic rock emerged in the 1960s, and is characterized by exotic instrumentation, complex song structures, and surreal or whimsical lyrics. It was one of the genres that influenced the creation of progressive rock.

psychedelic-progressive-rock tag cloud

Around 4% of music on Bandcamp has the psychedelic tag, but only 33% of this music is tagged with rock as well. This is probably because the word psychedelic has evolved to also describe subgenres of electronic and ambient music – the tag electronic appears together with psychedelic in 30% of cases. However, the cluster discussed here clearly focuses on the original psychedelic rock genre.

Fans that collect music from this cluster include gev, krister, and xilix. Here are Bandcamp albums that are associated with this cluster: